Let It Be Sunday

Let It Be Sunday

Hello friends!  

Happy Easter!  Happy Spring!  

How are you feeling this week?  Standing with both feet on the ground?  Wearing a good scarf?  Beating back allergies?  drinking too much coffee?  Me too.  All of the same.  

Last week I was in Nashville.  This week I’m eating and coffee-ing my way through Philadelphia.  I’ve run away from home.  That’s the long and short of it.  

(picture above from HubBub Coffee.) 

What happened in the world and on the Internet this week?  These things, I think:  

•  Amazon’s new Dash Button.    Household items, reordered at the touch of a button.  But doesn’t this take away from standing in line at the grocery store on a Friday night buying a bottle of wine, tampons, cat liter, and a box of mac and cheese?  I feel like there’s real glory in that.  Now… either I’m getting old or I’m just in a constant state of “who are we and what have we become”.  The Horror of Amazon’s New Dash Button.  

•  “As we increasingly outsource our memories to devices, we may be forgetting the pleasures of imperfect recall.”  Remembrance of Things Lost

•  Completely heartbreaking and totally inspiring:  Teenagers Facing Early Death, On Their Terms.  

•  Ellen Pao and The Sexism You Can Quite Prove.  

•  Almonds are drinking all of California’s water.  10% of California’s Water Goes To Almond Farming

 Should Grown Men Use Emoji? (straight face emoji)   

•  Weekend read about Mad Men as we enter the final season:  The Shock of the Pretty.  

•  Billy on the Street with David Letterman.  Thank you!  

•  Watch a Calligrapher Perfectly Draw Famous Logos From Scratch with Pen and Ink.  

•  The one-way ticket to Mars you were hoping for may not be such a good idea.  YA THINK!? 

Have a lovely day, my friends!  Catchya tomorrow! 

xo Joy

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