Let It Be Sunday

Cafe Beignet

Hi my friends!  Can we talk for just a moment about how great it feels to get a fresh pair of gym shoes?  I’m not one to spend a lot of money on my gym gear because it’s all meant to be sweaty and smelly and really… I’m not trying to make a fashion statement at the gym, I’m mostly just trying to avoid eye contact.  But… classic clean and fresh gym shoes?  I’m feelin’ pretty fine.  I use these new gym shoes to trot by this beignet cafe on the way to the gym.  Yes it smells good.  Of course it smells good!

There’s a lot of weight to this week which means there are a lot of perspectives to read on the internet.   There’s a lot more going on in the world than how I feel about gym shoes.  Let’s look:

•  It’s really important to understand and pay attention to why Michael Brown died in Ferguson.  We can forever distract ourselves with Instagram and celebrity news and Facebook updates, but we still have a lot to work out, don’t we America?  A lot.  Pay attention.  I’ve found the best updates on Ferguson from VOX.  And here’s a think piece.  For real.

 Give Me Gratitude or Give Me Debt.  A different and refreshing perspective.  Thank goodness.

•  Radius is a church in Los Angeles for people who think that church is irrelevant.

  This cat is really into this baby.  Is it normal that my cat mostly wants to attack my face?  Don’t answer that.

•  I’ve Been Blogging For Eight Freaking Years and here are the right words about it.

•  Our brains are really complex.  Writing is a high-level task.  We really just want to convey meaning.  The and hte are impossible to spot!  Why It’s So Hard To Catch Your Own Typos!  

•  Most common astrological sign for US Senators:  Scorpio.  Most common astrological sign for House members:  Gemini.  Can the Zodiac Explain Why Washington is So Messed? Maybe so.  

•  Is this meant to be so scary?  Because it is.  The Three Ring Birthing Circus

•  Why did it take us so long to get the butterknife right!?

 On: Unschooling.

•  How One Man Destroyed The Food Network.  Dramatics… but why is Guy Fieri yelling?

Enjoy this beautiful day!  I love you byeeeee!

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